Welcome to the 2021 Coastal California Zone Qualifier.  Here's some important information for this weekend.


1) Scoresheets:

Each pool site will have your team’s official USA water polo score sheets from the USAWP office. These will be the only rosters/score sheets used for team check in. Each team/athlete will still need to provide their photo ID for verification.

2) Gate Fee:

Please make sure that you communicate to your club members that there is a $5.00 per day gate fee on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  This fee goes to the individual hosts to help offset their costs and to reward the folks who spend countless hours working the pools this weekend.

3) Schedules: 

We have posted the schedules/results on the CCA website at: 


Scores will be updated throughout the day.

4) Championship Management Committee: Tournament committee names and cell numbers. If there are any issues.
Tournament Organizer: Connor Levoff (858) 449-1272
Zone Chair: Bryan Weaver (310) 251-0321
Scott Brennand: (805) 705-4411
Chris Jimenez: (323) 533-2653


5) Rules/Tie Break: The rules for the weekend are below

Here is the link to RULES<https://usawaterpolo.org/sports/2018/11/28/junior olympics-rules-html.aspx> for JOs.  Quarter lengths, timeouts and shot clock info for JO Quals can be found below, all other info on the JO Rules page apply to the JO Quals as well as the JOs.

All games require a winner and loser; NO TIED GAMES! Should the game score be tied at the end of regulation time, the tie shall be broken by shoot out. In group play, teams advance to the next round according to game points earned from game results within the group:
  *   4 win in regulation or by forfeit
  *   3 win by shoot out
  *   2 loss by shoot out
  *   1 loss in regulation
  *   0 forfeit

Shoot Out Result – regardless of goal difference or total goals scored during shootout, the game score shall be recorded as +1 goal for the winner (e.g. game tied 5-5, final game score 6-5 by shoot out) for calculating advancement.


In the unlikely case of teams tied in game points, teams advance according to the FINA tie breaker rules, stated in the FINA Playing Rules, Appendix BL

Two Way Ties - BL
If two (2) teams shall have equal points, further classification shall be established as follows:
"...The team winning the game between the two teams shall be placed higher..." (no other provisions apply)

Three Way Ties - BL
If three (3) or more teams shall have equal points, further classification shall be established as follows:
  *   BL : The results among the tied teams shall determine which team is placed highest.
  *   BL : If at any time during the application of the procedure set our in this BL, the number of tied teams is reduced to two (2), then BL shall be used to determine which of the two (2) remaining teams is placed higher.
  *   BL : "The comparison shall be made upon first, the points of the games among them, next the goal difference, and next, based upon goals scored."


6) Allocations Link:

JO Allocations

CCA Zone Board